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SHORT CV of Prof. Stefania Masci Date and place of birth: October 18, 1959, Gaeta (Latina), Italy Work address: Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (DAFNE), University of Tuscia, via S. Camillo de Lellis, s.n.c. 01100 Viterbo. Tel. 0761/357255, cell. +39 328 8641241; e-mail: Qualifications: - 1984: Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Rome La Sapienza. - 1989: PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Rome La Sapienza Job roles at Tuscia University 1989-1990: Research Fellow of the International Center for Agriculture Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria) at the Laboratory of Agricultural Genetics 1990-2001: University Researcher, in Agricultural Genetics 2001-2019: Associate Professor of Agricultural Genetics 2019-present: Full Professor in Agricultural Genetics Institutional and management roles 2007-2016: Coordinator of the PhD Course in Plant Biotechnology 2016-2019: Coordinator of the PhD Program in Plant and Animal Production Sciences 2018-2022: University representative to the Gian Pietro Ballatore Cereal Research Consortium, Enna (Italy) and deputy president 2022-present: Acting President of the Gian Pietro Ballatore Cereal Research Consortium, Enna (Italy) 2022-present: deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Forest Science (DAFNE), University of Tuscia 2023-2025: deputy President of the Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics (SIGA) and President for the two-year period 2025-2027 2019-present: member of the Working Group on Prolamin Analysis and Toxicity (WGPAT) Teaching activities At present she is teaching "Genetic Biotechnologies" for undergraduates and "Quality and traceability of products of plant origin," for Master degree students Recent research projects - 2018-2022: Regional project -Umbria RDP Mis. 16.2 "The multifunctional chain of primitive wheat: the impact of quality agricultural production in rural development through innovation, sustainability and culture of the territory" - 2019-2022 Regional Project of Lazio Region (Lazio Innova) "Bread wheat flours with high amylose content for the development of bakery products and fresh pasta with high dietary-nutritional, sensory and environmental value - FRUMILOSIO. - 2021-2023 Regional project: CIRCE PSR Sicily 2014-2020 "Certification through Innovation and Research interventions in the local CEreals for conservation (ancient grains) supply chain." Head of UO - 2022-2025 National PRIN 2020 (Projects of High National Interest) "Grain Pangenomics for Durum Wheat Sustainable Production (PanWheatGrain)” -2022-2025 University Head of National Center for Agriculture Technologies Agritech Spoke 1 (Plant, animal and microbial genetic resources and adaptation to climate change) -2022-2025 University Head of the CURSA (University Consortium for SocioEconomic and Environmental Research) project "Processes of digitization of public administrations and production areas according to the guidelines of the Industry 4.0 Program" Impact factor and h index and citations on Scopus: 82 publications, h index 30, 2755 citations (January 30th,2024) AUTHOR ID (SCOPUS): 7003777621 ORCID: Main research interests: • Genetic, molecular and biochemical bases of wheat technological quality • Development of wheat genotypes with better technological, yield, and nutritional characteristics by using conventional and advanced procedures, among which TILLING, GMO production, and genome editing • Molecular and biochemical traceability and characterization of wheat genotypes/varieties, including modern wheat varieties and heritage/landrace wheats Main publications of the latter 10 years 1. 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