BLASI Emanuele

Professore Associato 
Settore scientifico disciplinare di riferimento  (AGR/01)
Ateneo Università degli Studi della TUSCIA 
Struttura di afferenza Dipartimento di DIBAF - Dipartimento per la Innovazione nei Sistemi Biologici, Agroalimentari e Forestali 

Orari di ricevimento

Tramite appuntamento (inviare mail: il Lunedì e il Venerdì, dalle 15.00 alle 17.00.


Emanuele Blasi is Professor in agricultural and food economics at University of Tuscia – Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-food and Forest systems - DIBAF. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and local development from University of Tuscia (IT) in 2011 and from 2013 he is a projects manager of Consorzio Universitario per la Ricerca Socioeconomica e per l’Ambiente. His research are focused on economic relations within agri-food and forestry systems actors, eco-innovation practices diffusion dynamics and rural development. He is involved in research activities aimed to quantify and evaluate the impacts related to the planning and implementation of agricultural and environmental policy as well as to evaluate private sustainability initiative and programs suitability at farm, firm and communities’ level. He is involved, as partner and scientific coordinator, in national projects funded by Ministries, Local Authorities, Company and international projects funded by H2020, Life+, and PRIMA programs. Author of 50 papers and book chapters, he publish on peer review journals, among other, Journal of Environmental Management, Land Use Policy, Agricultural Systems, Ecological Indicators, Resources conservation and recycling, Sustainability, Forests, Agricultural and Food Economics.