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PAOLO RUGGIERO Curriculum vitae EDUCATION High School: Liceo Classico, Viterbo, Italy, 1973 University: Laurea (Master of Science) in Biological Sciences with honours, University of Siena, Italy, 1978 (Thesis supervisor: Prof. Vitaliano Pallini) Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, French CAREER HISTORY January – June 1979: Institute of Pharmacology, University of Siena, Italy. July 1979 – September 1980: military service. October 1980 – March 1982: Teacher of Sciences at High Schools, Viterbo, Italy. April 1982 – September 1990: Scientist, Sclavo SpA, Research Center, Siena, Italy. Studies on cytoskeleton: protein purification, computer design of synthetic peptides to generate specific antibodies, immunohistochemistry. Studies on Papilloma virus: immunohistochemistry, in situ DNA hybridization. Participation in phase I clinical trial of recombinant pertussis vaccine: protein purification, human serology. Within this period: March - June 1984: Developmental Biology Unit, University of Bielefeld, Germany, guest of Prof. Brigitte Jockusch; January - March 1988: Pathology Dept., C.M.U., University of Geneva, Switzerland, guest of prof. Giulio Gabbiani. October 1990 – March 2000: Dompé SpA, Research Center, L'Aquila, Italy: (1990 - 1996) Dept. of Biotechnology: Head, Laboratory of Biochemistry (including a 10-liter scale Fermentation and Purification Pilot Plant). (1997 - 1999) Dept. of Chemistry and Fermentation: Head, Laboratory of Fermentation and Downstream. (1999 - 2000): Dept. of Biotechnology: Head, Laboratory of Protein Science and Fermentation (including a 300-liter scale Pilot Plant). Start-up and management of laboratories, start-up and first phases of validation (IQ, OQ) and management of Pilot Plants. Studies on interleukin-1 family and receptors. Fermentation, purification and characterization of recombinant cytokines. Member of the working groups of Farmindustria (Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Companies) 1) Rules and guidelines about genetically modified microorganisms, and 2) Intellectual property rights of biotechnological products. April 2000 – May 2006: Chiron srl, Research Center, Siena, Italy: (2000 - 2001) Immunology: Senior Scientist. (2002 - 2006) Serology and Animal Models: Senior Scientist. Set up and/or optimization of animal models of bacterial infection: Helicobacter pylori, Streptococcus pneumoniae. Studies on pathological mechanisms in vitro and in vivo. Evaluation of immune response and investigational vaccines efficacy in animal models. Designing and managing of experimental studies. Coordination of external pre-clinical studies on Helicobacter pylori vaccine efficacy. Whitin this period: February 2003: Stanford University, U.S., CA, guest of Prof. Stanley Falcow. June 2006 – February 2015: Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics srl, Research Center, Siena, Italy: (June 2006 - May 2008) Translational Medicine: Senior Scientist (main activities as above). (May 2008 – February 2015) Translational Medicine: Head of Investigative Pathology. Set up and management of the laboratories of histopathology. Designing and managing of experimental studies. Contribution to setup of animal models. Management of histopathological evaluation of animal models of infection and vaccine efficacy. Studies on local response to infection and vaccination. Coordination of external collaborations for histopathological analyses. Activities done in particular for the Staphylococcus aureus and Group B Streptococcus vaccine projects. March 2015 – June 2016: GlaxoSmithKleine (GSK) vaccines srl, Research & Development, Siena, Italy: (March 2015 – January 2016) Translational Medicine: Head of Investigative Pathology (main activities as above) (February 2016 – June 2016) GlaxoSmithKleine (GSK) vaccines srl, Preclinical Research & Development, Siena, Italy: Preclinical Evidence & Bioassays: Senior Scientist. Management of histopathological analyses in the frame of non-clinical studies on immunogenicity and efficacy of investigational vaccines, and on effects and mechanisms of vaccine adjuvants. Designing and managing of experimental studies. Presently (academic year 2018-2019): Contract Professor (Principles of Pathology and Biopharmaceutics), University of Tuscia, DIBAF, Viterbo, Italy. PUBLICATIONS (research papers, reviews, and book chapters) 1. P Di Simplicio, M Palmi, P Ruggiero, G Segre: Contenuto di glutatione-S-transferasi e di glutatione nel fegato e nel sangue di ratti intossicati con tioacetamide. 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