Ricercatore a tempo determinato Legge 240/10 
Settore scientifico disciplinare di riferimento  (AGR/01)
Ateneo Università degli Studi della TUSCIA 
Struttura di afferenza Dipartimento di DIBAF - Dipartimento per la Innovazione nei Sistemi Biologici, Agroalimentari e Forestali 

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Italian researcher born in 1983 in Napoli and currently based in Viterbo, Italy. She graduates in Agricultural Science and completes a PhD in Economics and Local Development at University of Tuscia. During her studies she spent a semester in Angers, France and a visiting PhD period in Wageningen, Netherlands. From 2012 to 2017 works as Research Assistant at University of Tuscia, focusing on the study of short food supply chains and conducting empirical surveys on farmers and customers participating to these chains. In May 2017 gets a position of Assistant Professor at the Department for Innovation in Biological Agro-Food and Forest Systems. The main topic of research is currently the food waste issue, with several projects on food waste assessment at different levels of the supply chain. In 2020 she is the coordinator of a consortium of 27 partners in the H2020 project LOWINFOOD, focusing on food waste prevention and funded with 5.5 million € by the European Commission. She is also a lecturer of food marketing and development economics. Author of 28 Scopus-indexed articles, mainly in the topics of sustainable food chains and food waste, in July 2021 she reaches 400 citations and a h-index of 12.