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Ateneo Università degli Studi della TUSCIA 
Struttura di afferenza Dipartimento di DEIM - Dipartimento di Economia e Impresa 

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Il ricevimento avverrà: • prima o dopo le lezioni • in presenza o anche online, previo appuntamento tramite mail *** The office hour will be: • before and after classes • in presence or even online, by appointment through email


Presently, he teaches the courses: • Organizzazione del lavoro e delle relazioni sindacali at Università della Tuscia • Digital and Organizational Innovation at the Master degree in Strategic Management at LUISS "G.Carli" • Digital Entrepreneurship Lab at the Bachelor programme in Management and Computer Science at LUISS "G.Carli" • Data Science at the Temple University In the past, he taught the same and other courses at Università della Tuscia, LUISS “G.Carli”, Università “La Sapienza” He also teaches at Executive Masters and MBA courses, and PhD programme He is since ever fascinated by the innovation process, particularly when a new digital artifact is introduced into an organization – seen as structures, processes and groups of individuals –, possibly supported by a new organization design. Such a change may (or may not) generate impacts, either positive or negative, on cultures, people, habits, structures and performance. It is a frontier territory to be interpreted by adopting multiple perspectives, trying to combine theoretical rigor with practical relevance His most recent research interests are: Influence of ICT on Political Processes and collective action, Blockchain adoption in Publi Sector His works (for a list, go on Scholar) are published on journals – among them: : Information Systems Journal (ISJ), Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases (JIT-TC), Information & Organization, Government Information Quarterly (GIQ), Journal of Enterprise Information Management (JEIM), Journal of Cases in Information Technology (JCIT), Communications of the AIS (CAIS), VINE The Journal of Knowledge Management Systems – chapters of book, and proceedings He gained a long-lasting experience in leading teams along IT-based organizational innovation projects within public administrations and large companies, and served as an expert in designing or assessing policies and strategies for innovation of central and local governments